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My plants are 7 weeks into flowering and I bumped the light switch while watering and didn't notice it on till the next night. Now my buds are getting long skinny growth out of the ends. Is that normal or did the light muck it up?



Yes extra light during the flowering process is very bad, it sounds like the extra light has started your plant back into the veg. state from the budding state. If your buds get long skinny protrusions 7 weeks into budding after extra light has been applied accidentally I would probably harvest and cut your losses.




How do you know where and how far down you can prune a plant. I want to cut mine down from 5 foot high to about 2 1/2 so it can get bushier. Is that too far to cut one down??? Will it hurt the plant???



You can prune a plant down to the first set of nodes from the stock. Make sure to leave at least an inch of stalk past the nodes. You should be able to cut it down to the size you want. It will make the plant bushier and if you lower you light to about two feet from the plant it will do even better and make sure to rotate your plant four times a day one quarter turn for even growth.




How do you tell a good seed from a bad seed??? and can you tell the sex of a seed before you plant it???



A seed that is bad are the ones that are white in colour and all ones that will pop if your apply a little pressure to them with your fingers. A good healthy seed is one that is fat, round and darkish in colour. Thick healthy tiger stripes on a big fat seed is usually a good sign also.

No, you can't tell the sex of a seed until it grows.








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