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Hello great hearing from you lets get started.

I have been looking at this bubbler  bucket (deep water culture)? Any thoughts or suggestions for using this method for growing.



Deep water culture put a constant air flow through the water and bubbles up thus the nick name bubbler. This is a sound hydroponics method but the water should be drained and replaced every couple of weeks. Plants grown in bubblers will react faster to changes in nutrients, lighting, temperature etc., but if you can get it working for your set up it will produce large buds.





(layout of room). top left its my intake I taped it to the central AC vent in the room then hooked it to a  265(cfm) blower and I keep the ac at 65f .outtake is a 465 (cfm) that's hook up to the reflector using 4 inch tube ducking connected to a 1000w metal hid (the blower is screwed to the door on the inside). the hole on the left is the outtake. I only run the outtake 6 hours a day 1 hour at a time every 3 hours. I also just hooked up a co2 emitter.  I have it come on 4 times a day for 8 min at a time when the outtake is off . At night the room is at 75f to 73f in the day time it gets up to 85f to 87f.and when I turn the 465cfm fan on the room gets hotter what can I do to get the room temp  down to 75f or 80f some where in between will work.



Increase the amount of fans in the room. Check the ac unit to make sure its working properly and is the right size for the square footage you are using or try adding a second ac unit. You are right to be concerned about the temperature. Overheating the plants will severely decrease the plants potential.




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