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"2ed grow room" the size of the room is 13 1/2ft by 9 1/2ft with a 7 1/2ft ceiling. I've sealed the room with cocking from a tube. and put weather stripping on the door? so the room is completely sealed. That's as far as I have got with this room I will be using 2 1000w hps to grow with in this room. AND A "Hydroponic Vertical Future System"
 I will be planting 90 plants at a time in this room (I'M ONLY GOING TO PLANT THE TOP FEW ROWS) and the lights are changeable ballast. So I will be veg. and flowering in the same room. all I have to do is change the lights bulbs. so what kind ventilation do u think I would need for the sec. grow room ......... ? PS. AVERAGE TEMP IN MY STATE IS 80F TO 90F ALL THE TIME SO IT MAKES THE 2ED GROW ROOM REAL HOT ALL THE TIME TOO..........




From having the room sealed you will need an air intake and outflow through a charcoal filter system to cut the smell down. You should also have multiple fans going in the room to circulate the air. Adding a new air conditioner or climate control system to help counter act the hot temperatures would really help along with a dehumidifier as the humidity levels would be fairly high when you water your plants and could become a problem. Some strain will not do well in too hot and humid conditions.








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