Also I have this one plant that I started from seed. I have grown it under fluorescents and it is 6 feet tall. I cut it down a little so it will fit in my closet...but it keeps growing like crazy...I want it to flower it has the characteristics of a female even though it is tall.  I think that maybe it is getting a little too much light from the bedroom light so I have been putting it in the bathroom at night and closing the door.  Is this bad?. I heard that when you move the plants you are stressing them.  This thing doesn't even really fit under the light any more.  I need to whack off at least 6-8 inches for it to fit.  Will that hurt it too?. This plant is beautiful and it branched into three when it was young, if it is indeed a female I think it will be a great yield.  I have another one it flowered right away and is doing awesome but I guess they are all different.  



You can tell the sex of a plant by looking at where the branches come out of the main stalks and if there are calixes with a split hair poking out of them then you have a female plant. Marijuana plants are pretty hardy plants but moving them around does stress them especially when they are in the flowering stage. The stalk gets more brittle and the weight of the buds bouncing around will break the stalk. Plants do allot better if they aren't disturbed.




  While I got you one the line one more question...I am doing this all with fluorescents...All the plants have grown at least 5 feet.  One turned out to be male the other female, and is budding really nicely but slowly, the THC is practically dripping off this one. But for flowering should I maybe bite the bullet and invest in HID.  Or can you successfully keep cropping out with fluorescents.  It seems to be working I am just in an apartment.  But I want to do this right.   



You can crop with just fluorescents but  you will only achieve a low level of THC compared to the results from a 400-1000w HID. The more lumens of light there is the better the plant will produce and the higher the THC content.







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