Reviewed your information last night and saw where you told me twice that it is not so much the yellowing of the early feeder leaves as it is the colour and appearance of the new growth! ... thanks for you patience ... the new growth looks green, healthy and full of potential. 



Yellowing occurs when a leaf doesn't get enough light , too dry, too hot, not enough nutrients etc. there are many causes to yellowing of leaves. The early feeder leaves will all turn yellow and die as the larger leaves form and take all the nutrients from the plants and block the light out from the lower part of the plant.

If a plant has been stressed and the leaves turn yellow they will not turn back green. You have to look at the new growth and it's colour. If the new growth is green then the plant will usually recuperate from the ordeal.




Ph is one thing I'm having trouble with I think the ph is at 6.3 to 6.7 some where around there I'm getting a digital ph meter this week to. I look forward to learning about  hydro with you.



A digital meter will help to give a more accurate reading of the ph levels on the plants. Marijuana plants like to be at a ph level of 6.8. Using ph up and ph down from your local hydroponics store will give you the means to control the levels totally. Carefully read and follow the direction on whatever brand of ph control you use.



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