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Question (problem)


Thanks ... a little better idea now ... will give things a good look see today... looking for a calix with hair or one with pollen balls ...

ps .... I have some critter that digs around the roots ... doesn't mess with the plants but sure like to dig ... made me a live trap to catch this curious trespasser ... meantime I scattered some moth balls around to discourage them ... will keep you posted ...





Answer (warning)


Glad to here you have the plant sexing figured out now.


You stated that you where using moth balls to discourage the critter from going around your plants and digging. I have to let you know that moth balls will taint the taste of your plants especially if they are in the flowering stage.

I tried just using two moth balls to cover the smell up in a  room and it made the buds taste like moth balls and the moth balls were in a closet in the grow room. They did however cover up the smell pretty good but what horrible tasting smoke.

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