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My plants are about 3 1/2 feet tall and are starting to bud. My question is
about the best way to prune the plants for the best harvest. Each plant has
between 4-6 strong branches plus many smaller ones.

Prune out all the little skinny growth on the inner part of the plant usually about two to three inches from the stalk out leaving at least two thirds of the length of the branches in tact and any leaves that go yellow during the budding process. 




It is now close to 7 weeks since I turned the lights to 12on 12off . The buds are getting bigger and bigger all over the plants . I have noticed the little hairs on the buds located on the middle branches on some of the plants are turning browner faster than the big buds towards the top . Will these smaller buds peak before the rest of the buds



The buds on a marijuana plant do not all develop at the same time and rate you have to judge when the plant is ready by looking at its over all appearance. When 70% of the hairs die off the buds are ready for harvest although the tops are always better looking because they get more light and nutrients from the plant than the lower branches.





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